Tuscumbia, Alabama
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Originally settled as early as 1810 and part of Franklin County, Colbert County was created by the Alabama Legislature on February 6, 1867. It was abolished by the constitutional convention on November 29, 1867, and re-established by the legislature on Feb­ruary 24, 1870. Colbert County is located in the northwestern part of the state. It encompasses approximately 600 square miles. The county was named after George and Levi Colbert, noted Chickasaw chiefs who resided in the county. It is bordered by Lauderdale, Lawrence, and Franklin Counties, Mississippi, and the Tennessee River. An election in 1870 established the county seat at Tuscumbia. Colbert County was the birthplace of Helen Keller.

Courthouse: 201 North Main Street,
                     Tuscumbia, AL 35674
                      (256) 386-8542

Probate Judge: Daniel Rosser

Sheriff: Eric Balentine

Circuit Clerk:  Mark Eady

District Attorney: Hal Houston

Revenue Commissioner: Tommy Oswalt

County Commissioners: 

  • Tommy Barnes (R) - District 1
    3414 E 18th Ave. Sheffield, AL 35660
    Phone: 256-284-5852
  • W. Tyrus Mansell (R) - District 2
    202 Megan Ave, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661
    Phone: 256-627-8804
  • Jimmy Gardiner (R) - District 3
    121 E 6th St, Tuscumbia, AL 35674
    Phone: 256-710-5843
  • Tori Bailey (D) - District 4
    201 N Main St, Tuscumbia, AL 35674
    Phone: 256-394-8674
  • Darol Bendall (R) - District 5
    1850 LaGrange Rd, Leighton, AL 35646
    Phone: 256-810-0953
  • David C. Isom (R) - District 6
    P.O. Box 740184, Tuscumbia, AL 35674
    Phone: 256-366-3510

Population: 55,241 (as of 2019)

Municipalities: Cherokee; Leighton; Littleville; Muscle Shoals; Sheffield; Tuscumbia

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